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Wireless Troubleshooting Guide

Mac Users

Should your device lose its connection with Eduroam you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

Mac Users

Mac computers can sometimes continue to have problems and need a few extra steps. If your Mac computer still has difficulty connecting, clear out the old Haverford-Secure and or Eduroam network settings by following these instructions : 

Step 1: Click on your Wireless Network icon on your menu bar


Step 2: Click on “Open Network Preferences”
Screenshot 2014-05-08 15.21.01(2)

Step 3: Select Airport on the left hand side. Turn Airport off and then select advanced


Step 4:  Clear out any Haverford Network Names (Haverford-Secure, Eduroam, Guest, Connect, etc). To clear out the network names, select the network and click the Minus sign (-).


Step 5:  Go to System Preferences and click on Profiles (10.7 and Later)


Step 6:  Delete Haverford Profile (10.7 and Later). Select the profile and click the Minus sign (-).


Step 7: From the Finder, click on Go then select Utilities


Step 8: Select Keychain Access


Step 9: Clear out certificates and keychain passwords for Haverford-Secure (aruba-master… And DigiCert)



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