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Use Moodle to Communicate with Your Students

Use Moodle to Communicate with Your Students

Moodle provides many options for instructors to communicate with their students electronically. Using various tools you can:

  • Send email announcements to the entire class (Announcements or Quickmail)
  • Send email to the entire class or to select students (Quickmail)

Use the Announcements Forum to Send a Message to an Entire Class

By default, every course has an Announcements forum and all students are subscribed to this forum, meaning that they are emailed whenever a new announcement is posted to the forum. In addition to getting announcements via email, students can check their Moodle course and see the same Announcements there.

Post an announcement, which is also emailed to students:

  1. Click the Announcements forum link in your main course content area or the Add a new topic link in your Latest News block .

  2. Click the Add a new topic
    1. Enter a Subject
    2. Type your message in the Message
    3. OPTIONAL: Check the Mail now check box to send the message immediately, otherwise the message can be edited for up to 30 minutes before it’s sent to everyone.
    4. Click the Post to forum

Use Quickmail to Send a Message to the Entire Class or Select Students

The Quickmail block allows instructors to email students from their Moodle course site. Messages can include attachments and can also be distributed to Moodle groups. Students in your class can also use Quickmail to contact you or other students.

  1. In the Quickmail block, click the Compose Course Message
  2. You should see a new window where you can compose your message.

    In the to: line, select the people in your class that should get the message. You can either identify individual class participants or everyone with a particular class role (i.e. registered students, graders, course builders, etc.). If you set up groups in your class, those will show up as an option.
    To send the message to all your students, select the “registered student” role.

  3. If desired, you can exclude individuals or groups from your to: list.
  4. Enter a Subject line and Message.
  5. Attach files, create a signature, or specify a specific time to send your message. Once the message is ready, click the Send Email
  6. You can see your drafts, scheduled emails, and sent messages by selecting the appropriate option in the Quickmail block.
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