Panopto Focus is an easy-to-use lecture capture system. This software is installed on all the classroom computers on campus. You can also download it to your own computer.

You can use Panopto to:

  • record your lectures so that your students can review them later.
  • flip your classroom by creating mini-lectures for your students to watch before their classes.
  • record your students’ presentations.
  • record talks by guests.

Recording with Panopto

Powerpoint/Keynote slide

If you use Powerpoint or Keynote, Panopto creates a table of contents for your students, and also create a searchable index of your presentation. This allows your students to search your video presentation for any word mentioned on your slides.

Audio & Video

You can record with Panopto from any computer with the Panopto software. However, recording quality is generally better in rooms with built-in video equipment.

These rooms are good for Panopto recordings:

  • Sharpless Auditorium,  Stokes Auditorium, Stokes 010, and Stokes 016 have a SMART Podium and ceiling mounted video camera and microphone
  • Sharpless S113 and S430 have a Qomo Interactive Pen Display and a ceiling mounted video camera and microphone
  • KINSC H109 has a video camera mounted on the wall. You need to use the clip-on wireless microphone located in the Podium drawer.
  • Chase Auditorium has a SMART Podium, but you need to borrow a webcam and tripod from the ITC in Stokes 205; there is no microphone or video camera kept in the room.

Computer Screen

You can capture a computer or tablet screen. This is especially useful if you use a SMART podium or Qomo Interactive Pen Display.

Downloading Panopto

If you already have a Panopto folder set up in one of your Moodle courses, there are installers available to download within that folder. Press Create followed by Record a New Session. Scroll down to find the proper installer for your operating system.

Alternately, if you have Panopto set up in one of your courses, you can go to Select Moodle f20/sp21 and then Sign in. Once you’re signed in, select “download Panopto” in the top right. Select the proper installer for your operating system.

Please contact the Instructional Technology Services with questions.