Device Registration for Haverford-Game

Members of the Haverford Community can now register certain streaming video devices, e-books and game consoles for use on the wireless network.

Register Your Device

After you have registered your will be able to connect your device to the HC-Game network with the password: havgame123

Currently IITS supports the use of the following devices on the HC-Game network:

  • Sony PlayStation
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Kindle e-book
  • Nook e-book
  • Roku TV
  • Apple TV (limited functionality)

Please note, the HC-Game network does not support ChromeCast or certain AppleTV functions, including streaming media from computers.

Responsible Use

When you register a device on the network, you become responsible for its use. You are responsible for the legal and policy compliant use of any device registered in your name. Be sure to read the Acceptable Use Policy  if you’re unclear about your responsibilities. Remember, improper use of the Haverford network and copyright violations come with fines and other sanctions and you should be fully aware of these before registering any device.