Software Downloads

Active members of the Haverford College community are free to download and install any of the following software.  Most downloads will require that you are logged in to your HC gmail account to access.

Please be sure to remove installed software from your personal computer should you leave the college.

KeyServer, a program that connects to Haverford’s Software Licensing Server, must be downloaded prior to installing any software below noted with the KeyServer icon: 

Note: Some of these files are large and may take a significant amount of time to download. Downloads are available only for supported operating systems: MacOS 10.9 and later, Windows 7 and later. Please note, you are responsible for installing all critical security updates for your Operating System.

Type of Software Applications Available
Virus Protection: Kaspersky For Haverford staff and faculty, with college-owned computers:

CRITICAL. You must install this software. Remove all previously-installed antivirus software prior to installing Kaspersky Antivirus.

Internet and Mail Software:
FTP Client
  • Windows/Mac: FileZilla. FileZilla is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See
  • Mac: Fetch
Media Players
  • Windows/Mac: VLC (free, open source software from VideoLAN)
  • Mac: QuickTime (from Apple)
    Quicktime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple.
  • Mac: Flip4Mac (from Microsoft)
Sound Editor
VPN Client
Web Browser
EMS Desktop Client
  • Windows: EMS Desktop Application
    Note: You will need to allow popups and unzip the folder in order to have the software install properly. Right click on the .zip folder download and select “Extract…”. Haverford PC’s use a preinstalled program called 7-Zip for unzipping folders.
  • Mac: EMS Approvers should use VDI to access EMS Desktop Client. Please contact IITS ProDesk for access to EMS_VDI.
Multimedia Software:
Adobe CS6: Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop Adobe’s licensing does not permit any items from the Adobe Creative Suite to be installed on personal computers for any reason.  To have any of these items installed on your Haverford issued computer, please contact the ProDesk.

Note: Adobe CS6 is not compatible with Macintosh High Sierra.  And will not be installed on any new Apple purchases.  If you require the Adobe Suite for your position please make sure to tell the ProDesk during your upgrade/order.

Academic Software:
ArcGis (GIS Software)
  • Windows: ArcGIS is available for faculty and staff. Contact the ProDesk.
  • Windows/Mac: Chemdraw(follow instructions on CambidgeSoft web site)
LoggerPro 3: Data-collection and analysis software
Mathematica: Mathematical software
Microsoft Office


Origin: Scientific graphing and data analysis
  • Windows Only: Origin 8.6 (Be sure to look in the license key file for configuration information)
Rasmol and PyMolMolecular Modeling
Sequencher: DNA sequence assembly software
SciFinder: Scholar Reference scientific information in journals and patent literature
Sibelius: Music notation software
Stata 14: Statistical software


Miscellaneous Software
Database – Filemaker 
  • Windows: FileMaker 8.0, Filemaker 11: See ProDesk for installation.
  • Mac: FileMaker 8.0, Filemaker 11: See ProDesk for installation.
Keyserver Client 

FOR ALL VERSIONS – When installing, enter the Keyserver address: 

Microsoft Office File Compatibility Microsoft Office Compatibility Issues
Microsoft Office 2007 Add-in
Screen Reader
  • Windows: Jaws for Windows
Spyware Removal
Xerox Print Drivers

 Keyserver is a program which tracks usage and assures we are in compliance with licenses for some applications that limit the number of concurrent users.