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Scanning to Filestore

  1. Find the scan shortcut on the copier screen with your department name on it.  You might have to scroll over to a side menu to find it.
  2. Optional: Touch the white area below “File Name:” to change the default file name.  (The default will add a date/timestamp on the file name.)
  3. Optional: Type the file name on the touchpad.  Once the appropriate file name is displayed press “Ok” on the bottom right of the touch screen.
  4. Optional: Customize your scan job as desired using the options on the display panel.
  5. Insert the document into the automatic document feeder or place on the glass.
  6. Press the green “Send” button on the right side of the control panel to send the document.

Retrieve your Document from Filestore

  1. Log onto the Filestore server using your Haverford email username and password.
  2. Open the Departments folder, go to Private, then “Scan from Copier.”
  3. Unless you have named your scanned file, it will have the default name.
  4. Copy your scanned files to your hard drive.
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