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Requesting a Moodle Site

Academic courses are created on moodle.haverford.edu through an automated process shortly after the courses are finalized by ECP. Typically, spring courses are created in early November and fall courses in late April. Once course sites are created for the following semester, IITS will email all faculty with instructions for finding and building their course sites.

Request a site for Departments, Committees, Student Groups, Etc.

You can use our separate Moodle site, moodlegroups.haverford.edu for non-academic courses; just request a site. To request a site for Haverford, bi-college, or tri-college departments, committee, organizations, and student groups log into Moodlegroups.haverford.edu and follow the directions below.

  1. Request a course on your Moodlegroups site.
  2. Fill out the form as instructed. Be sure to include a short explanation describing what you want.
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