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Change Your Password

Members of the Haverford Community will be asked to change their passwords twice per year. You’ll be reminded (with an e-mail message) to change your password starting 30-days before it expires and will be prompted to visit to change their passwords.

Don’t be fooled.  Sometimes you’ll receive fake e-mails in an attempt to lure you to a website designed to steal your password.  Avoid this trap by:

  • Always change your password using the website at
  • Familiarize yourself with the e-mails from ProDesk

If you ever have questions about whether a site or reminder e-mail is authentic, contact the ProDesk.

Remember, changing your password affects many services including wireless and access to the Quaker domain.

  • If you’re unable to access wireless after changing your password, please check out our Wireless Help Guide.
  • If you are logged onto a Quaker computer at the time you change your password, it may be necessary for you to log off and back on after changing your password in order to access resources like printers and Storage.
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