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Panopto Focus is an easy-to-use lecture capture system. This software is installed on all the classroom computers on campus. You can also download it to your own computer.

You can use Panopto to:

  • record your lectures so that your students can review them later.
  • flip your classroom by creating mini-lectures for your students to watch before their classes.
  • record your students’ presentations.
  • record talks by guests.

Recording with Panopto

Powerpoint/Keynote slide

If you use Powerpoint or Keynote, Panopto creates a table of contents for your students, and also create a searchable index of your presentation. This allows your students to search your video presentation for any word mentioned on your slides.

Audio & Video

You can record with Panopto from any computer with the Panopto software. However, recording quality is generally better in rooms with built-in video equipment.

These rooms are good for Panopto recordings:

  • Sharpless Auditorium,  Stokes Auditorium, Stokes 010, and Stokes 016 have a SMART Podium and ceiling mounted video camera and microphone
  • Sharpless S113 and S430 have a Qomo Interactive Pen Display and a ceiling mounted video camera and microphone
  • KINSC H109 has a video camera mounted on the wall. You need to use the clip-on wireless microphone located in the Podium drawer.
  • Chase Auditorium has a SMART Podium, but you need to borrow a webcam and tripod from the ITC in Stokes 205; there is no microphone or video camera kept in the room.

Computer Screen

You can capture a computer or tablet screen. This is especially useful if you use a SMART podium or Qomo Interactive Pen Display.

Please contact the Instructional Technology Services with questions.