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New Qualtrics Support Options

Qualtrics recently changed their tech support system and you now must authenticate to request support directly from Qualtrics. Please save these instructions in case you need to contact Qualtrics tech support.

This change only affects support requests made directly to Qualtrics. You can still email and ask your questions as you have been doing. However, if you wish to contact Qualtrics tech support directly, use the process outlined below:


  1. If logged onto, you can click on help in the upper right corner.

Note: Alternately, you can access the Qualtics support site directly at and skip to step 3 below.

  1. You’ll see a window with two options, one for the support site and one to contact support. You may find your answer in the support site. However, if you want to just contact support, select that and skip ahead to step 4.



  • If you selected support site or went directly to you will see a list of support options. At the bottom of the screen you have the option to contact support.

  • After selecting contact support, you get a login screen. Select the option, Sign in with SSO

  • You’ll be asked for your “Organizational ID”

  • For the organization ID, enter “Haverford” and then click the continue button.

  • You should then get the regular HC login screen.  Once you log in, you will have options for submitting a ticket to Qualtrics tech support.



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