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Moodle Roster Report

Moodle has photos of most users; individuals may opt to change or remove their Moodle photo. (Learn more about Moodle photos.) While you can get a photo roster of your class via the Moodle participants list, the Moodle Roster Report will help you learn student names, and also generate a printout of your photo roster.

Access the Roster Report

You will find the Roster Report in your Course Administration Block.

  1. Find and open the desired Moodle course shell.
  2. Find the Course Administration. This is usual the gear icon (Gear icon, indicating settings menu) on the upper right corner of your course. However, in some themes, it is a course block on the side of your course.
  3. If using the gear icon (Gear icon, indicating settings menu), select More… from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, skip to step 5.
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    Illustration of "More..." option in course administration menuwhite space
  4. You see a new menu with all the course administration options. Select Roster.
    Illustration of all roster report in "more..." course administration menu
  5. If your theme shows the course administration block on the side, click on Reports and then the Roster Report.
    Illustration of Roster report link when course administration is on a block on the side of the screen.

Roster Report Options

You have a few simple, but useful options with the Roster Report.

Learning mode off

By default, you will see all photos of your students, with their names under the photo.

Moodle_Roster_report-learning off

Learning mode on

Turn Learning mode on, and you will see faces without the names.

Moodle_Roster_report-learning on

Get a Printout

You can easily get a printout of your photo roster.

    1. Select the Display mode  Printable.
    2. Print from your browser, as usual. Your roster will print in a very paper friendly format.

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