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The college recognizes that certain employees’ positions require that, in the interest of furthering the College’s mission and maintaining certain 24×7 services, they be reachable outside of normal working hours by telephone and/or require that they have access to wireless data services. IITS has negotiated with AT&T and Verizon Wireless for the best possible pricing on cell phone service, text and multimedia messaging, and wireless data plans.

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Eligibility and Terms

Eligibility criteria and type of service provided as part of the Wireless Voice and Data Program are determined by the President (for the President’s office), or area Vice President/member of Senior Staff responsible for the division.

  • Employees may have only one type of service (phone, smartphone or tablet data) with an approved carrier (AT&T or Verizon Wireless) on a single device (cellular telephone, smartphone or tablet) charged to the College.
  • All wireless services are coordinated and billed through IITS. Monthly service charges will be centrally billed and charged back to departments.
  • Monthly service charges beyond the standard voice and/or data charge (for example, international services for personal use, additional third-party subscriptions) will be charged to the employee.
  • For those employees with phone or smartphone service, employees own and are fully responsible for the initial and ongoing cost of their device hardware. This includes costs associated with periodic upgrades and any damage, regardless of whether the damage happened in the normal course of work responsibilities.
  • Phones and smartphones may be purchased through IITS, with employees reimbursing the college for the entire cost.
  • Positions will be reviewed for program eligibility. Program and/or eligibility may be discontinued or modified at any time with or without notice.

Choosing a Provider and Device

AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless are both approved vendors for wireless voice and data purposes. Each provider has strengths and weaknesses in several areas including coverage and service quality, and device functionality.

IITS supports the use of the Apple iPad, iPhone, and the many Android devices with physical or touchscreen-based keyboards, and most standard cell phones. Blackberry devices are not supported. Haverford College does not pay for cell phone hardware. Employees approved to be on the College account are responsible for the cost of hardware, including initial purchase, upgrades and any costs associated with damage or repair – regardless of cause.

IITS Client Services staff can work with you and your senior manager to help identify the right combination of provider and device to fit your needs.  Contact the IITS ProDesk by email or call 610.896.1480 to get started.

Converting to the College Plans

When moving from personally-billed service to service that’s billed directly to the College corporate account a specific process must be followed.

Regardless of your provider, approval to accept responsibility for monthly service charges must come in writing from the person with budget authority for your area.

Please note, Haverford College does not pay for phone or smartphone hardware.

AT&T Wireless
  1. Contact AT&T (888) 444-4410 and ask them to indicate on your account that you are having your line moved to the Haverford corporate account and that you give permission for Haverford College to take ownership of your line.  If your line is on a family plan, be sure to change to a non-family plan during this call.  We cannot move lines that are part of a family plan.
  2.  Contact ProDesk (610) 896-1480 or indicating that you have notified AT&T that your line is being moved to corporate responsibility, and be sure to include your telephone number, AT&T account number, and the department account code to which the service will be charged in the request.  Please note, the individual with budget authority over the department account must provide IITS with written permission in order to move phones to corporate billing.
Verizon Wireless

Moving existing Verizon Wireless service to the corporate account is easy. Simply print and complete the necessary form from Verizon and submit it to the IITS ProDesk in person along with the budget code to which the line or lines will be charged and written permission from the individual with budget authority for your area.

Verizon Wireless – Transfer of Service From Personal to Corporate Responsibility

Discounts for Personal Service

Many members of the community are not asked to carry a cell phone or wireless device as a requirement of their job. However, we recognize that sometimes calls are made and text messages are sent in connection with your duties. For this reason, Haverford College has negotiated discounts with both AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless that may provide better pricing than standard undiscounted service from these providers.

AT&T Wireless

Visit the AT&T Website and validate your account using your Haverford College e-mail address.  A valid Haverford College e-mail address is required to take advantage of the Community discount. Use Foundation Account Number (FAN#) 2778329 when registering as a member of the Haverford College Community. Other restrictions apply.  See the AT&T Website for details.

AT&T Wireless Plan Discount
Monthly Access 17% Discount
Accessories No Discount
Activation of a New Account Fees and Upgrade Fees Free
Verizon Wireless

Visit the Verizon Wireless website to register your line.  A Haverford College e-mail address is required for verification of affiliation in order to register for the discounted rates. Discounts on accessories on items purchased through the Verizon Wireless website only.  Other restrictions apply. See the Verizon Wireless website for details.

Taking Advantage of the Plan Discount
Monthly Telephone Access Charges 18% Discount
Accessories 25% Discount
Activation of a New Account Free