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Google Groups (Formerly Mailing Lists)

Google Groups are useful for sending email messages to a group using a single email address. Google Groups allow you to choose who can become a part of the group, who can send mail to the group, and it allows you to moderate messages submitted by group members before going out to the whole group, as well as moderate messages sent to the group. Google Groups allows a

Members of the Haverford community may request one or more Google Groups in order to have on-going, collaborative conversations via email where all conversations are stored in one location, and retained, even if Group owners or members leave the group.

Student requests for Google Groups must be approved by an employee sponsor.

Once the Google Group is set up by IITS, the group owner and managers are responsible for moderating the discussion and maintaining the group list.

***Do NOT use Google Groups to collect sensitive or confidential information. Including, credit card information, social security numbers, license/VISA/passport information, health information, and passwords.***

Request a List

Do you want a list for your academic course? If so, try Moodle.

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