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HP Multifunction Copiers (Pharos)

Networked printing, copying, scan-to-storage, and scan-to-email are available via HP copier machines around campus. Computer printouts and photocopies are charged per-page through Central Services.

Faculty and Staff may use the HP Copier Access form to update access to department accounts for the HP Copiers.

For more information on a particular copier model, find the user documentation that came with the machine or look up the appropriate model on the HP support website.

The “Campus B-W” and “Campus Color” will send a print job to either EVERY black and white OR color Pharos copier on campus BUT requires you to visit the copier to release the print job with your ID or Pharos information. The other installers print immediately to the desired printer after entering your username and account code when prompted.

Supplies & Service

Innovative Printing Systems (IPS) provides supplies for the HP copiers: These can be requested from Central Services at

For service, please contact the ProDesk at (610) 896-1480.

When calling the ProDesk or IPS please have the IPS ID# of the machine and model number readily available. The IPS ID is located on the ID sticker on the device.

Printing & Copying Costs

8.5″ x 11″ = $.06/impression
8.5″ x 14″ = $.06/impression
11″ x 17″ = $.12/impression

8.5″ x 11″ = $.45/impression
8.5″ x 14″ = $.45/impression
11″ x 17″ = $.90/impression

Scan to Storage and Scan to Email are free.

Authentication & Charges

HP Copiers are connected to a Pharos Terminal and a card reader, which together let you use your Haverford OneCard to automatically enter your username and password information to begin a photocopy session.

If you recently received a new OneCard and are unable to authenticate, it’s likely that your OneCard prox number has not yet been updated in our system. Please use the HP Copier Access form to submit the updated information about your OneCard.

Note: Students using their own cards will be charged personally against their account for copies they make.  Each department has a Departmental Card that charges back to the department’s budget.  When student workers need access to the HP copiers, administrators should let the students use the Departmental Card.

When printing or copying, you will see all the department codes available to your account. If you try to print and do not see the appropriate account code(s), type an asterisk into the search box and press “Search.”  That will refresh the list of all the codes you are currently authorized to charge. You can request budget code changes via the HP Copier Access form.

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