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Guest Access to Moodle Courses

At Haverford, academic courses default to the following guest access schedule:

  • Guest access is ON by default during drop/add period.
  • Guest access is OFF by default after drop/add period.

When guest access is on, all Bryn Mawr and Haverford students will be able to view your syllabus and early course readings even if they are not yet enrolled through Bionic. However, students must be enrolled to join discussion forums, take quizzes, submit assignments, and participate in other course activities.

NOTE: Unregistered Swarthmore students may also see courses when guest access is on, but Swarthmore students may first need to contact IITS to request Moodle access via a form button on the moodle home page.


Turn Guest Access on and off

IITS will notify you when the guest access default is changed before and after drop/add ends.

Although IITS will set guess access according to the rules listed above, you can change your guest access setting at any time.

  1. Open the Participant list using the People block or the Navigation drawer.
    illustration of People block
  2. Find the gear setting icon in the upper right.
    Moodle course participant settings
  3. You now see a drop-down menu. Select Enrollment methods.
    Illustration of "enrollment methods" link
  4. Within Enrollment Methods you will see an option for Guest Access–usually the second option in the enrollment methods list. Enable or disable guest access by clicking the eye-shaped icon in the settings column. If the icon looks like an open eye, guest access is enabled. Guest access is enabled in the illustration below.
    white space
    Illustration of guest access on/off toggle
    white space
  5. If desired, set a password for guest access. Click the the gear-shaped settings icon, next to the eye-shaped enable access icon.
    white space
    Illustration of guest access setting iconand then set your desired password.
    white space
    Illustration of set guest access password dialog box

NOTE: The guest access setting will NOT effect whether your course is visible to students. You must make your courses visible before any students will be able to see it.

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