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Self Enrollments in Moodle Courses

At Haverford, academic courses default to the following self enrollment schedule:

  • 14 day self enrollment is ON by default during drop/add period.
  • 14 day self enrollment is OFF by default after drop/add period.

Bryn Mawr and Haverford students will be able to self enroll in your course, even if they are not yet enrolled through Bionic. Swarthmore students can also self enroll, but they may need to  contact IITS to request Moodle access (via a form button on the moodle home page) before they can log onto Moodle. These self enrollments will expire after 14 days. At that time, students that are not formally enrolled after drop/add will lose access to your course.

This allows students to participate fully in Moodle course activities during the drop/add period. This policy was put into effect as of Spring 2020. It replaces the previous policy of opening courses to guest access at the start of each semester, which only allowed access to course readings and other passive resources.

NOTE: Swarthmore students may first need to contact IITS to request Moodle access via a form button on the moodle home page before they can log onto Moodle.

Turn self enrollment on and off

IITS will notify you when the self enrollment access default is changed before and after drop/add ends.

Although IITS will set self enrollment access according to the rules listed above, you can change your guest access setting at any time.

  1. Open the Participant list using the People block or the Navigation drawer.
    illustration of People block
  2. Select the gear setting drop-down menu in the upper right. Then select Enrollment methods.

3.You will get another menu with enrollment options. Turn self enrollments on or off by clicking to toggle the eye icon to show or hide.

NOTE: The guest access setting will NOT effect whether your course is visible to students. You must make your courses visible before any students will be able to see it.

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