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Google Apps

Google Apps for Education is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications hosted by Google, which includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Talk, and more.

Google Apps Additional Features

Google Apps for Education includes a broad suite of products that may be of use to members of the Haverford Community.  View our policy governing the use of these features before using these features.  If you need clarification on expectations around responsible use and College support of these apps, please contact the ProDesk.  These features are currently available to Haverford users:

  1. 3D Warehouse
  2. Google Play Android Developer Console
  3. Chrome Management
  4. Chrome Web Store
  5. Google AppEngine
  6. Google Bookmarks
  7. Google Books
  8. Google Chrome Sync
  9. Google Code
  10. Google Desktop
  11. Google Finance
  12. Google Groups
  13. Google Hotpot
  14. Google in your Language
  15. Google Map Maker
  16. Google Maps
  17. Google Moderator
  18. Google News
  19. Google Public Data
  20. Google Reader
  21. Google Translator Toolkit
  22. Google Voice
  23. Google+
  24. iGoogle
  25. Knol
  26. Panoramio
  27. Picasa Web Albums
  28. Web history
  29. YouTube
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