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Box at Haverford College FAQ


  1. What is Box?
    1. Box is content management collaboration platform that gives you unlimited storage to access and share work files internally and externally.
  2. How much storage space do I have?
    1. Box accounts through Haverford College have unlimited storage space.
  3. What is the maximum file size I can upload?
    1. Haverford Box accounts can store a maximum file size of 15gb.
  4. Who is eligible for Box?
    1. All Haverford Faculty, Staff, and Students
  5. Is Box replacing any current services at Haverford?
    1. No!  Box is an additional service with unique collaborative permission settings.  Any Haverford community member can continue to use the storage solution that best meets their needs.
  6. How do I log in?
  7. How do I use Box?
    1. The Box Getting Started page has many great resources on efficiently using your Haverford Box account.  Direct links to recommended quick start tutorials are below.
    2. How to Create A Folder
    3. How to Upload and Create Content
    4. How to Share with Shared Links
    5. How to Share by Inviting Collaborators to Folders
    6. How to Create and Edit Files with Box Edit
    7. How to Recover Files From Trash
  8. Can I access my Box files offline?
    1. Yes!  By installing the Box Sync app you can automatically have local versions of your data stored in the cloud to access offline.  Once you back online the edited versions will be synced back into your online storage.
  9. How can I collaborate in real time using Box?
    1. You can collaborate in real time in two ways with Box.
      1. By creating and sharing Box Notes
      2. Or by using Comments and Tasks
  10. What kind of data should not be stored in my Box account?
    1. Your Haverford Box account should not be used to store confidential data such as
      1. Electronic protected health information as defined by HIPAA
      2. Any data that may include PII which includes
        1. A user name or email combined with a password or security question and answer
        2. First name or initial combined with
          1. SSN
          2. drivers license or state ID number
          3. Account number, credit or debit card number
      3. Credit card, or bank account numbers
  11. What happens to my Box account when I leave Haverford?
    1. You will lose access to your Haverford Box account after the standard account expiration policies.
      1. 30 days for Staff
      2. 90 days for Students
      3. 1 year for Faculty
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