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Haverford Community members have access to lots of different systems and services – wireless network access; use of public lab computers, Moodle; Bionic; e-mail, calendar and docs using Google Apps for Education; secure file storage and much, much more.

Access to all of these services and more is made possible through your Haverford username and password, also called your Haverford Account.  Your account is like a key that gets you access to these systems and the data they store, and for this reason it should be carefully protected.  Always follow these rules:

  • No one from IITS or any other member of the Haverford community should ever ask you for your password.  If someone does, report it immediately to or call 610-896-1480.
  • Never use another person’s account and never let another person use your account.
  • Use complicated and tough-to-guess passwords.  Include capital and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.
  • If you think someone might know your password, change it.  Visit
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, visit When asked to Verify Your Identity, choose the option to use the answers to your secret questions.


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